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Ever heard of the Buick Aero Car? Look at this early photo

Pete Phillips

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I have never seen this photo nor heard of the "Buick Aero Car". I ran across it on a friend's Facebook posting, but he knows nothing about it.

Looks like something from the 1910s at a race track. If anyone has any information on this, I would like to know more about it. I think it would make a good article in the Buick Bugle if we could find out more about it.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Buick Aero Car.jpg

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Photo offered for discussion on Facebook.

https://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2017/11/buick-aero-car-1920.html Submitted by Marc Hendrix


Better photo shows sign on rear that appears to read “Aeroplane Propelled ”

There is also another sign on the side of the car that is not clear.


The photo seems to have also appeared in a Facebook group (within Facebook search for Yacht Club des Avions de la Route.) that discusses vehicles that mix technologies such as airplanes, cars,and boats. The text is in French and English.

I suspect the car was powered by an airplane (Aero?) engine.

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1 hour ago, Roadmaster71 said:

I suspect the car was powered by an airplane (Aero?) engine.


Maybe not. Those old Popular Mechanic readers did some strange stuff. This is not "aero"



I sat in one but there was not way I'd go up in it. Pilot in the second seat for visibility. The old guy they did talk into the test flight only broke his wrist "landing" it.

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10 hours ago, Pete Phillips said:

"Roadmaster71", I suspect it was powered by a Buick engine. Otherwise, why call it a Buick?


It certainly looks like a Buick motor, six cylinder and early 20's. But have a good look at it and you can see it is reversed with the radiator facing backward ( just follow the top water distribution pipe ).


That means there is no transmission ( which should be hanging out the front ).


Look closely at the photo and you can see a propeller has been bolted to the crankshaft ( it is spinning and hard to see ). In fact

you can read " Aeroplane Propellor " written on the front panel.


So my suggestion is this old Buick was propeller driven and hence called Buick Aero Car.  

23331245_1504147436288231_5619536413595095118_o (2).jpg

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