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  • 2 weeks later...

The gears in my 30 DeSoto were trashed. Spent about two weeks on the internet and finally found them Some came out of Canada and some out of this country. Don't give up the parts are out there. 

This guy helped me out quite a bit and has access to parts not listed. 


These guys might be able to help and when talking to someone ask if they might know someone that can help.


Check with the wrecking yards listed on this site,



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According to my Hollander interchange '35-'37 Airflow 8 same differential. Also same as '37-'39 Dodge truck differential.


Ring gears, pinions, '34-'37 Airflow same. Dodge truck '37. MD15 ,16, 20,21. ME20, 21,22, 3/4T-1T. Dodge Truck '39 TD20, 21


Good luck.

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