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There are some recently added links to car clubs which now show under the brand listings.  The Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC) link just showed up under Studebakers.  Additionally, the 1960's "lazy S" logo used by SDC has been appended.  While the SDC does include pre-war cars in its coverage, it is The Antique Studebaker Club (ASC) which has been responsible for creating the content on the AACA website for many years.  The ASC is a separate, independent organization serving people interested in pre-war Studebakers.  The correct link to the ASC website is:  https://www.theantiquestudebakerclub.com/.  A more suitable logo can also be provided.  Please add the link to the ASC.


Gary Ash

member, board of directors of The Antique Studebaker Club


Edited by Gary_Ash
added Studebaker wheel logo (see edit history)
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