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205-R-16 is a metric size, and radial rue to the "R". It is equivalent to 205/80R16. If you are in the USA, it is probably no longer available.


To the best of my knowledge everything that size or close is discontinued, and you are stuck with the reproduction or specialty tire manufacturers such as Diamondback, Coker, and maybe Blockley. If your original size was indeed 600-16, and you are in the USA, I know it is true because that is my size (1936 Pontiac).


If your original size was 6.50-16 there is similarly nothing but you might have room for 7.00-16. If it was 7.00-16 you might still find a bias-ply pickup tire, but even that is doubtful today.


The 205-R-16 should be almost 29 inches tall, and about 8 inches wide at the widest spot. Good luck, and let us know what you come up with.



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I would highly recommend Diamond Back Tires  "Auburn radials".   I have 6.00 x 16 radials on my '35 Dodge.   Thrilled with their appearance, ride, balance, everything.   Also available 6.50 if that is what your car had.


Original owner purchased a set of the '36 center wheel trims at the dealership so you see them in my pictures.

July 20.jpg


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