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My little review of the latest(?) hood ornament book: Radiator Mascots of the Classic Car Era 1909-1939


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Just wanted to tell you about my Christmas present, which surprised me very positively (big thanks to my wife, who found it via an ad in AutoMobilia magazine). It is a quite limited edition (250?) of a relatively new book about car mascots, which originally comes from Germany and probably therefore not very well known here yet. Fortunately it is bilingual, German and English.  I myself have been collecting car mascots for many years and have a small library of „specialist literature" with the relevant well-known books such as Motoring Mascots of the World from Bill Williams. What I always found was that you never actually saw the cars to go with the mascots, nor was it ever explained why a particular car manufacturer chose a particular mascot? And indeed, this gap seems to be finally filled by this book! The texts are entertaining and together with the contemporary photos and ads, it is beyond measure varied. I myself have already read through it twice and even my little daughter has spent some time leafing through it. Overall it comes across as very high quality and with its 400 pages it must weigh 6 or 7 pounds. 


I've seen it on Amazon, but my wife bought it on ebay. Maybe the book is available somewhere else if you google for the title. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

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