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1954 Cadillac Le Mans - Parts - $75,000 (Victoria)


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There just had to be one more bizarro ad before the end of this crazy year and I think this one qualifies.

I'm gonna say his asking price is about $74,950 too high for this meager pile of scrap yet oddly, he has a title.....






1954 Cadillac Le Mans. I bought these parts years ago from a friend of mine who found them in Southern California. I always intended to recreate this vehicle but I am old now and dont have the money I did 10 years ago.

All the details and many pictures are at a website that we created to clarify what we have. Go to:


This will tell you the story of this vehicle and the parts that I have to this extremely rare and desirable car.

The parts that I have are from the Le Mans that was modified by George Barris for Harry Carl, the shoe king of LA. Most of the vehicle was consumed in a fire. Some of the parts that I have were in that fire, as you can see in the pictures. The majority of parts that I have was not in the fire. I am hoping that someone out there in Car Paradise will buy these parts and recreate this vehicle. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Harley Earl`s talents that I have seen.

Call me and let's talk about the Le Mans. I am open to trades. I do have a title.

Bill (361) 727-7029


Ad does say he's open to trades. 

I have got this nice highway cone I might consider trading but..... damn, that's a real good cone.

He'd have to pay shipping ...both ways. :lol:


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30 minutes ago, Ben P. said:

 I’ve got more Model T Ford in this picture right here⬇️ than he’s got Cadillac (or Le Mans) in all of his.


Yes Ben, no amount of pondering can make me understand this fellow.   For $75K he will give you a title but you need to supply your own car?

Good Heavens!


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What an awesome concept! This takes the sales pitch to a whole new level.  I think you're missing the forest for the trees.  Building off this very concept, I would like to offer for AACA members only, what I consider to be an exciting opportunity of extreme importance. Have you ever thought about how incredible it would be to own the Biltmore? For the low low price of $350,000 I will supply a 3/4 acre site already cleared yet surrounded by trees, for you to build a 1/20th scale replica of one of the most storied homes in America. I will even furnish detailed photos of the original to guide the builder of YOUR choice. Please keep this on the down low. Only card carrying AACA members are eligible. 

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17 hours ago, GregLaR said:

The parts that I have are from the Le Mans that was modified by George Barris for Harry Carl...




Harry Carl??


...the shoe king of LA.


Oh, THAT Harry Carl!!  😄


That nest of old wiring is kind of funny. May not be in as bad shape as it looks, though, if it was taken out that long ago. Here's a wiki entry for the LeMans, which was a concept car:



Anyone have a photo of the car in question after the Barris Bros got done with it?

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