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1954 Cadillac Le Mans - Parts - $75,000 (Victoria)

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There just had to be one more bizarro ad before the end of this crazy year and I think this one qualifies.

I'm gonna say his asking price is about $74,950 too high for this meager pile of scrap yet oddly, he has a title.....






1954 Cadillac Le Mans. I bought these parts years ago from a friend of mine who found them in Southern California. I always intended to recreate this vehicle but I am old now and dont have the money I did 10 years ago.

All the details and many pictures are at a website that we created to clarify what we have. Go to:


This will tell you the story of this vehicle and the parts that I have to this extremely rare and desirable car.

The parts that I have are from the Le Mans that was modified by George Barris for Harry Carl, the shoe king of LA. Most of the vehicle was consumed in a fire. Some of the parts that I have were in that fire, as you can see in the pictures. The majority of parts that I have was not in the fire. I am hoping that someone out there in Car Paradise will buy these parts and recreate this vehicle. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Harley Earl`s talents that I have seen.

Call me and let's talk about the Le Mans. I am open to trades. I do have a title.

Bill (361) 727-7029


Ad does say he's open to trades. 

I have got this nice highway cone I might consider trading but..... damn, that's a real good cone.

He'd have to pay shipping ...both ways. :lol:


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I have this thing against leaving negative comments on ads, particularly ‘not mine’ ads where we tend to feel a little freer with our comments. Some bordering on slandering the car or otherwise poisoning its sale. But in this case I have some real sincere news for this guy: I’ve got more Model T Ford in this picture right here⬇️ than he’s got Cadillac (or Le Mans) in all of his.


Zoom in real close. Can you see it? I can’t. Haven’t been able to in 20 years. But yet I know it’s right exactly where my puppy was running just yesterday (wearing his red flannel pajamies AND his blue sweater because he only weighs 5 pounds and gets cold quicker than I do) because I found it right there many decades ago and have since marked the spot.

When I was a tiny kid (can no longer date it in my memory but I had to have been between 3 and 5 based on which brothers was also there) I found the remains of a Model T some farmer dumped there in the swamp. It may not look like swamp but that is 5 1/2’ of Michigan bog floating on top of a dead lake. That’s why the trees can’t get very big and that’s why the old farmer dumped it and all the rest of his junk back where no one goes.

Of course when I found it I had no idea what it was, my mother identified it as an ‘antique car’. I think there was a body with one headlamp reflector and part of a top bow. I’m not sure I ever found the frame. I’d go back out there and look at it and wonder if I couldn’t restore it when I grew up — surely I could find the rest of the parts?

The years went by and the car got harder and harder to find. When I was in Highschool I marked a tree near it. When that tree fell over dead I marked another.

20 years ago my brothers and I went back there and looked and looked and could not find it. Hours went by and then I found it.

There was one identifiable piece left, a door skin. Or part of one. It had a chunk of wood about 1 1/2” long still attached to it and that wood had a bolt attached to it (a door hinge? I really don’t know). I picked it up and started to give the bolt a tug and thought, “No, it’s not right to remove it from its grave” and placed it back down.
My brother saw this and came over, picked it up, finessed the bolt free, handed it to me and without making eye contact said, “Here. Keep this.”

I did. It’s too late to go out and take a picture now, but I will tomorrow and post it here. It’s in the map pocket of my 102 year old 4-cyl Buick and it’s probably the closest to owning a Model T as I’ll ever get because keeping that barking Buick in shape is about all I can handle.


I hope the seller finds the guy willing to re-create the Le Mans for him though. I sincerely do. I don’t know how other people’s lives have gone, but for MANY years that Model T, or the idea of it, kept this hobby alive for me.

40, at least. Depending upon how old I was when I found it....

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30 minutes ago, Ben P. said:

 I’ve got more Model T Ford in this picture right here⬇️ than he’s got Cadillac (or Le Mans) in all of his.


Yes Ben, no amount of pondering can make me understand this fellow.   For $75K he will give you a title but you need to supply your own car?

Good Heavens!


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What an awesome concept! This takes the sales pitch to a whole new level.  I think you're missing the forest for the trees.  Building off this very concept, I would like to offer for AACA members only, what I consider to be an exciting opportunity of extreme importance. Have you ever thought about how incredible it would be to own the Biltmore? For the low low price of $350,000 I will supply a 3/4 acre site already cleared yet surrounded by trees, for you to build a 1/20th scale replica of one of the most storied homes in America. I will even furnish detailed photos of the original to guide the builder of YOUR choice. Please keep this on the down low. Only card carrying AACA members are eligible. 

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75K for a title is a little far out there, but I do wonder if he doesn’t know that other California guy who took out a wordy pictured ad in HMN for a $75,000 (or whatever the price was 75, 100, I’m not sure anymore other than it was insane) Durant basket case for YEARS ON END about 20 years ago.


Whoever the seller was, someone (probably his own self, or maybe even this guy) had convinced him of the value and extreme rarity of the thing because he kept that expensive ad running month after month. I remember thinking a little less of HMN when they kept taking his money and allowed him to keep renewing that ad.

Shortly after that, maybe or maybe not because of it, my 30 years of never missing a single issue of HMN came to an end. I missed an issue, then one here and one there. 2020 might be the first year I didn’t get a single issue AT ALL. But who knows, 2 days left, maybe one will fall out of the sky and land in my house after a meteor collides with a FexEx plane  or something — but I can’t guarantee you I’d read it. 

Seriously, what ever became of that $75(or 100),000.00 Durant???


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That would all hinge on the title (which I know nothing about, but last I knew you’d need more than an engine number [usually - Never?] even listed on the title anyway for it to apply TO. At least in my State).

I have no idea. You could be right....


Anyone know what became of that $XXX,XXX Durant? 

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17 hours ago, GregLaR said:

The parts that I have are from the Le Mans that was modified by George Barris for Harry Carl...




Harry Carl??


...the shoe king of LA.


Oh, THAT Harry Carl!!  😄


That nest of old wiring is kind of funny. May not be in as bad shape as it looks, though, if it was taken out that long ago. Here's a wiki entry for the LeMans, which was a concept car:



Anyone have a photo of the car in question after the Barris Bros got done with it?

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