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Well, I imagine I would need as much as you did. I very much appreciate your response. You could check it out at your leisure, No need to go out of your way. Thanx again!

 I of course wouldn't object to purchasing a seat panel from the back of a retired car. No options here in the northeast. All these cars are out west. Quite a few made it to the mid west, none around here. Except mine, and think there's one in Long island.

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Plumbing guy, sorry I thought I had a full seat back left, but my upholsterer used probably 1-1/2 seat backs for the armrest so I only have about 1/2 of one seat back left.  Not sure how much he wasted, but he wanted to get the rolling seams and stitching as close to original so didn't skimp.  I'd suggest you buy both seat backs from a parted out TC to make sure you have enough if you are doing the pillowed seams versus just smooth.


- Rob

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