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College Bus Wreck, Circa 1940, What is it?

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My father went to Dana College in Blair, NE around 1940.  I found this picture of a wrecked Dana College bus among his papers with a 1940 date on the reverse side.  Anyone able to identify the vehicle?



Dana College Bus Wreck.jpg

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Unfortunately, Biff decided to walk right in front of the photographer and block the most important diagnostic features on the front clip just as the photograph was taken, but you can still make out the air-cleaner , generator and upper radiator hose which are in the exact position they would be on a flat-head Ford V8. The lack of skirting on the trailing end of the fender opening means it is a 1932, '33, or '34 Ford. We may never know for sure-THANKS BIFF!

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Yes, Dana closed its doors, it was too small to survive in the modern academic industry.  I think the property was purchased by a for-profit educational company, but I haven't heard anything in years.


I used to have a lot of family in Council Bluffs, Blair and Omaha, most are gone now.  Haven't been back that way since one of my aunts passed away in 2012.

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