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AACA needs your help to bring a positive end to 2020

Peter Gariepy

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Bringing a Positive End to 2020
2020 is about to come to a close, and for most of us it cannot come soon enough. It has been anything but an easy year and a very tough time for non-profits. AACA did not get away unscathed either. This year brought many challenges along with our efforts to occupy our new building and finish with zero debt. We did move into our new building with great thanks to all of you but did not quite get to the finish line regarding the funding.
As you consider your year-end taxes and philanthropy, hopefully you will consider making a special tax-deductible gift to your club. In 2020, thanks to the CARES ACT passed by Congress, you can make up to a $300 tax deductible gift to AACA as we are a qualified charity. Here is more information about this gift option directly from the IRS website:
Previously, charitable contributions could only be deducted if taxpayers itemized their deductions.
However, taxpayers who don't itemize deductions may take a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash contributions made in 2020 to qualifying organizations. For the purposes of this deduction, qualifying organizations are those that are religious, charitable, educational, scientific or literary in purpose. The law changed in this area due to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.
Many of you have already given, some have not. Our sincerest THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support this club with your time and donations! We hate to ask again, but if we can get an enthusiastic response to this email, we may just be able to say to the bank we are all paid up and go into 2021 with zero debt. In the coming years, the club will need further funds for an endowment to operate the building and to replenish some cash reserves we used for this project. However, when you see the final result, we are sure you will be very proud of your new headquarters and library! Our goal is to make it pay for itself in the future and we now have a major tool to do so.
So, we are asking you to please seriously consider making a tax-deductible contribution before the end of the year – it will make all the difference for the future of this club. You can make your donation one of three ways:
Call us at 717-534-1910 and we will take a donation 
via credit card over the phone.
Mail a check off to us right away. 
Please note that some mail delivery is spotty these days, so the sooner the better.
Remember, you do not have to itemize to take this deduction and any donation amount is appreciated! We will send you an acknowledgement letter for your records.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Most importantly, stay safe!
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Guest Mark McAlpine

Thanks for posting this, Peter!


I know many members already contributed to the new building--and each and every donation, no matter how small or large, is greatly appreciated--but it would be nice for our club to end 2020 on a positive note and debt free.


A good friend recommended we consider how much we would've spent attending any of the AACA (and other) activities we had to cancel this year and consider donating some of that money to the AACA Building Fund.  It's a great suggestion.  I hope you'll join me in doing so. 


Best wishes to everyone!  Here's to a 2021 being a considerably better year.  Have a very happy and safe New Year!

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