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For Sale: 1954 Hudson Super Jet 4 door black Great Driver - $8,500 - Traverse City, MI - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1954 Hudson Super Jet 4 door black Great Driver - $8,500 - Traverse City, MI

1954 Hudson Super Jet 4 door black Great Driver - cars & trucks - by... (craigslist.org)

This car is a very nicely preserved functional car that drives great. The engine starts great, and is very quiet and makes great power. The car is equipped with 3 speed on the column. This car is mostly original, has some paint repairs and seat covers over original cloth seats. The engine has been gone through, new brakes and tires. the car does have some rust on the rear rockers and quarter panels but the rest of the car is very solid, like the frame, and floors. The car needs nothing to be used as is, but there are a few things that don't work. The radio currently does not work, the heat works but can't adjust the temperature, its on or off. The choke is unhooked but we never needed it for summer driving. Driver side window has a crack. Just little things that could be tinkered with. The car has been in Michigan for about 10 years before that it was in the south.  Over all nice old driver.
more pictures at https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMISJV53YEgvgyDP4sZrcjJleEvE_5BHr8TVrR0

Contact:  Josh  text:  (231) 6-3-two-7-9-six-4

Copy and paste in your email:  ac34e5dc0de030d4a992c9052fdb920c@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1954 Hudson Super Jet 4 door sedan.

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI a.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI b.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI c.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI d.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI e.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI f.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI g.jpg

'54 Hudson Super Jet MI h.jpg

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On 12/27/2020 at 6:43 PM, TerryB said:

It almost looks “British” with its shape and black color.


I had the same impression. Looks cool in that regard. I've read that some Hudson folks don't like the Jet.


I love most Hudsons also, and while I understand that these cars can't compare visually with the step downs (not many cars of the era can), I've never really understood why these don't get a little more respect. They may not be as cool as the larger Hudsons, but when compared to compact cars of all makes, they're pretty cool, I think. I'd LOVE to have a car like this.

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