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Barney Oldfield's 28 Buick spinners


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I am the current caretaker of Barney Oldfield's last ride -- a 1928 Buick County Club Coupe. It has optional A4 Buffalo wire wheels and the front driver's side locking spinner has been loose for some time and has wore down the brass to where it will not hold the wheel in place tight enough. I need a driver's side if anyone has one. In the photos you can see how it is worn. There is also a shot of the one on the rear wheel so you can see what it is supposed to do.






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I ran into this when doing the wheels for my dad’s roadster. I found enough pieces to put together a set and have some leftovers but they are in rough shape. But they are #5 which are used on the larger series cars. That is your problem. Buffalo wheels are very rare on the series 114, formerly known as Standard six cars, because people with money to spring for sexy wheels and other goodies usually bought the bigger cars. I would like to help you with this. I don’t think any of my leftovers will help but I would have to make measurements to be sure. Possibly the larger parts could be turned down to fit. Alternatively, yours could be built up by silver brazing and then turned back to size and re threaded. I did this on a couple of ours. Turning left hand threads on the lathe is a mind bender for a machinist. You can reach me at 

530 863 seven five seven nine. Happy new year.

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Hi gyus,


I have 28 Master with #5 wheels, all original and there are NO driver or other side nuts. All 4 threads are the same on "big" nuts (RH thread) and all 4 threads are the same on "small" nuts (LH thread. This is indeed confirmed by your initial picture.


I also doubt you can make A4 size by turning down A5 size. There were several threads here in the past, possibly some of the folks can help.




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