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Driver's Exam Car

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My "second Dad" was a car collector, owning around 30 or so cars. By age 13, I was helping him drive his collector cars to and from his storage facility, which was located about 5 miles from his shop. Enduring this for 3 years, his wife and daughter thought it best that I get my driver's license THE VERY MOMENT I became of legal age to get one. On my 16th birthday, to make sure I passed, his daughter took me for my driver's test in her easy-to-maneuver 1970 Datsun 510.


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I never took it.  I had a Wyoming learner's permit and it was a normal drivers license, but it had an "I" in front of the "C" for class.  Examiner never noticed it (this was in Arizona) and after I passed my written exam, she had me take the eye exam then stand for my photo.  I never said a word.  Oh, this was in 1988.

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On 12/27/2020 at 4:46 PM, wmsue said:

Here's a short story that is sort of relevant:

In 2019 my wife and I celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a trip to the Netherlands. We were traveling by train from The Hague to Dordrecht and our train comes to a stop at the small town before Dordrecht. After  a few announcements in Dutch, that we totally did not understand, all the passengers got up and were leaving the train. We followed.

We learned that there was an electrical outage and we would have to find our own way to Dordrecht. All the passengers were walking towards the bus stop a few blocks away, but we saw a taxi stand just ahead and walked there. There were a few taxis parked outside a large public building and we began talking to the driver about getting a ride to Dordrecht. He asked us why we just didn't go to the bus stop with the others, and we proceeded to tell him we didn't have a monthly bus pass and didn't know if we could buy from the driver. He switched from Dutch to English very quickly and told us to get in the back seat of the car and as soon as his 'student' arrived, we all would go to Dordrecht.   Student, we asked.   Sure, he said, the sign on the top of my car says "Student Driver" not Taxi. "I'd be glad to have my student drive you both to Dordrecht right away."

We had a quick uneventful trip and got to Dordrecht before the bus passengers arrived.

The driver was originally from Iran and his student was from Syria. They both spoke excellent English, among other languages, and gladly helped us get to our destination.

No, I don't remember exactly what car they were driving, other than it was Silver and there wasn't much room in the back seat.

I thought something like that only happened in the movies!



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