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New to Buick with 24 model 45


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Hey everyone,


I've done a couple posts already but I didn't notice that there was a section dedicated to "introduce yourself".  So here goes:  My name is Ron and I've had a 28 model A since I was 16 years old and I just recently bought an unrestored 24 Buick model 45.  I'm finding it to be a fascinating piece of machinery as I go through it and compare it to my Ford.  However, I'm not accustomed to not being able to buy new parts, as I'm spoiled from owning the model A which you can buy almost any part for brand new.  Luckily, my Buick is almost totally complete so I'm only missing a few things.  I'm really excited to get it running and driving, which given my busy working schedule, is my goal for now.  In the future, I may restore it, or maybe not.  My model A is original and that's how I like it.   Some people have already responded to some of my questions on other topics and I think it's great that these forums are available for people of similar interests to help each other.  As I take apart and inspect the various components on my "new" car, I'm sure I'm going to need some help from knowledgeable people.  So I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing more from me in the next while.


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 Welcome to the Buick fraternity. Plenty to absorb on the differences from Ford to Buick. Yes, it seems to be those with the Model As are spoiled as to parts availability. The key with our Buicks is NETWORKING! I have bought parts from all over the USA and sent parts to around the world. Good Buick friends are a joy. There are plenty to help. Do not be shy. We have all been down this road.

 I am glad to see the first photo of your car. A poster on the prewar Buick section Apollo has the same model and was progressing well with it until he stopped at the end of the summer. Some of our found spare parts went to him in California.

 This is what a friend 2 miles away from me started with.



He drove it to the AACA fall meet at Gettysburg in November..


 I had chased at least 5, 1924-45 and or model 55 cars. There are many owners on the forum. As you can see in my car profiles below I settled for available 1925 models.


 Just a few details in the differences between the 1924-45 and the 1925-45.


 We are here to help.




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