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20s Chrysler wheel split ring straightening tips & tricks

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Remarkably had not a  trouble dismounting five more then fifty year old tyers from a 27 chrylser with 18" wheels ,which  I'm getting ready to have media blasted.

One split ring has a good broad deep hump opposite the split. 


The steel is pretty hardy and I asking for any backyard (or front yard😜) methods to even it out.


I'm thinking a hydraulic arbor press is the way to go?,but I didn't get one for Christmas..I got a stupid new chimney ,new roof and new gutters  in stead .

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Many years ago, I watched a man named Ray Zund of Dixon Illinois, straighten one of those on a cement floor with a block of wood and a BIG hammer.

He only took about 1 hour and he had it as flat as new.  I still don't know how he made look so easy.  

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Thanks for the input .

I droped off all my bare rims and rings at the media striping place this morning and forgot this crummy one in basement..Maybe an omen to get a better one?

One thing to be awhere of is stretching out the diamter of these rings from over bending and hammer blows.

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