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Wanted 1920's Motor and gearbox assembly.

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Wanted 1920s Motor & gearbox:- approx 1500-1750 cc. 4 or 6 cylinder,  Austin or Morris, or similar?  To suit semi sporting "Special". With Radiator to suit if possible.  Consider almost anything.

Prefer Somewhere in Australia but will consider elsewhere. 
You tell me what you have, what condition it is in,  where it is AND most important, how much money you want for it.

Surprise me!!

Bernie Jacobson     twooldlags@gmail.com 

Happy Christmas and a very much better New Year.

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I have now been contacted by email from a person claiming to be "Atwood Megan" offering to sell me either a complete Vintage CITROEN car or any parts from it that I may require. The use of the name "Atwood" rang an alarm bell in my head, earlier this year I was contacted by someone (I am sure the same person) offering to sell me some Renault Parts. That time I innocently paid out around $5,000 only to discover that I had been "ripped off"! Neither the parts or the person existed and my money was gone.

This time I am not "buying".

Anyone advertising, wanting to buy parts, BEWARE, this person is out there and as active as ever.

REMEMBER, If it seems to good to be true, it probably is a scam. BEWARE! Check and then Double Check before sending money off to anyone.


Bernie j.

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Happy New Year, hopefully I will not have to wait too long for a suitable motor and gearbox to find me 2021 is of to a flying start and I really canot make a start on the body until I have sorted out things like the location of pedals for the clutch and brakes. 

Meanwhile I will just have to be patient something I am not very good at.



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Here we are and the year is off to a flying start. I am still working away at cleaning up the chassis frame. With  the days tearing past I really do need to keep my mind on the job. I need to either find  another left hand front spring mount or fabricate sokmething that will do the job. While it is still comparatively early in the rebuild I can afford to wait a little while  and see if one turns up. First thing is to drill out the four rivets that attach it to the chassis rail to get the smashed one off..



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