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Merry Christmas to all the forum members.

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31 minutes ago, trimacar said:

Had family over in shifts, so late to this party!  Merry Christmas to all, and here’s to a better New Year, a low bar...



A bar is definitely in my future next year......and the year after also!

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A White Christmas began to slowly develop just past noon here. Enough accumulated to get a picture by sunset. Would have been just another insignificant image if not for the reflection of the lights on the tree. 

Christmas Eve was fun also. Sandy and I foolishly figured we might be able to go feed the cats a Christmas treat. After all, it had not snowed for a while. So up we went in my newest “antique” car. The ‘95. Bare dry road until we climbed into the mouth of the canyon just before the hairpin. In the pines. In the pines where the sun never shines. Backing down in super low traction with very little if any control, there was no way to avoid this. Whatever shoulder there was at this point, dropped off just a bit further down the steep hill. By and by several 4-WD vehicles came down. Enough people to push sideways while I applied e-brake while breaking traction in drive, and we were back on track. Maybe only 100’ or so down to clear pavement. 

Certainly no one should feel bad about or make apologies for the cars they do or do not have. Take a lesson from the late, sadly unfortunate, the great , Curtis Mayfield : “Diamond in the Back” . Cadillac, or no car at all, “You can still stand tall”.


So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends here. And be careful when entering big cat territory.    -     Carl 





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Best of holiday wishes to all-

checked out our '30 Packard mid-Christmas Day en route to daughter's place upriver from here for a well-prepared dinner of standing rib roast, spiral-cut ham, potatoes au-gratin, broccoli souffle, fine wine,

and for daughter's birthday-A New Orleans favorite (created by Beaulah Ledner almost a century ago), and now provided by Gambino's bakery:

Dauberge cake - one side chocolate and the other side lemon - based on a western European/Hungarian recipe -

seven layers of cake, each separated by a layer of pudding, and each side topped by either chocolate or lemon icing.



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