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I suspect the blend door is not moving.........it may be stuck or something broken and it is only allowing cold (outside) air to come out the vents.  

It might be a vacumn leak or problem.   Does the cruise control work..... that is one clue to bad vacumn. 

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Is a rod that runs from the programmer behind the glove box to the blen door. Have seen it stick before and the stepper motor is weak. Have been alble to reach behind the glove box and plunk it. Either that or the heater box pipes are clogged.

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You can take the glove box out and then watch the rod move as you change the heat setting.

On a '90-91 it could also be the temperature up/down button on the ECC but that is easy to to check by moving operating the up/down button and see if it indicates that the temperature is going up and down.

If the temp does not change on the '90-91 then try, instead of simply pushing the buttons, try sort of punching them with your finger or the eraser end of a pencil.

I have a good heater programmer available if your car is an '89-91.

I found out recently that the '88 programmers are different and I am currently out of them.


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