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I recently completed this small American-LaFrance collection stretching across 4 automobilia categories - radiator emblem, Motometer, threaded hubcap, and data plate. The radiator emblem was the last elusive piece. Does anyone else mix up items to create marque mini-collections?






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This is great as it gives more of a perspective of a particular make of vehicle. Script wrenches can also be another object beyond a paper item like a instruction book or sales catalog. Thanks for sharing!!


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I've got a lot of Model T Ford related stuff - it runs the full-range from early odd-ball accessories and displays to literature and other advertising material, even some early tin toys.  Regardless of what kind of car you like, there is a lot of original early stuff you can collect.   Here are some photos showing an accessory catalog, calendars, pocket advertising mirrors, a match box case, sheet music, joke books, and a couple of garage displays.  I have an entire showcase full of early accessory items, and of course a selection of aftermarket spark plugs made for the Ford Model T.  



Ford calendar.jpg

Ford advertising pocket mirror.jpg

Advertising calendar.jpg

Ford 1913, 14.jpg

Celluloid match case with Model T.jpg

Ford March and 2 step.jpg


Funabout Fords.JPG

Ford jokes and stories.jpg

AC round Ford plug cabinet.jpg

Apco horn button stand.jpg

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In my earlier post I neglected to include photos of some Model T toy cars that I'm currently trying to add to the collection.  These neat key-wind toys were produced by Bing in Germany following the end of WWI.  The history of the Bing company is long and fascinating and these Model T's were imported and sold by Sears, in an effort to get Bing back into the export business, which had been virtually killed off during the war and shortly following by high tariffs.  These great little Model T's were produced as a touring car, a sedan, a roadster, and a coupe.  Some were issued painted in different colors, but I'm going to focus on the black ones for now.   I'm trying to find really pristine examples, and they do turn up occasionally.  I'm looking for an example of the coupe and the roadster. 


Happy collecting-


Bing Model T Touring.jpg

Bing model T sedan.jpg

Bing model T coupe.jpg

Bing model T roadster.jpg

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So many of the things we collect are "cross-over" items that will fall into other categories.  While looking through my Model T "mini-collection" I realized my post cards contain dozens of examples, from humor to real photo and advertising.  I think probably the biggest min-collection for any old car enthusiasts might be postcards related to their favorite cars. 


Ford Humor covering the T.jpg

Ford Humor.jpg


Ford plant.jpg

Model T 1912 note lamps.jpg

Ford stuck in the mud postcard.jpg

1914 Model T.jpg

1915 Model T.jpg

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