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Rochester Carb 2 Barrel Model 2g, 2GC,2gv Hot Idle Compensator Cover


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I placed this same topic on the general Technical Forum, so excuse me if I am over doing it BUT...


I rebuilt my Rochester carb 2G last wekend and found that the instructions call for a "Hot Idle Compensator Cover" inside the throat of the carberator.


Does anyone know if that part is available for purchase and/or has anyone found where to buy this part. I have had the car for 15+ years and this is the first time I rebuilt the carb and there was no cover when I took the carb apart.


Just curious to know if anyone has run into the same part mssing on their carb. Thank you in advance.



Olds Rochester carb 2G Hot Idle Compensator Cover diagram.jpg

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And I gave you an answer in the General Topics forum...


We'll try it again. WHICH 2GC do you have? Carb number 7029155 does NOT use a hot idle compensator. The casting will have the pocket, but no compensator. The hole will not be drilled, either. Carb number 7029156 DOES use the compensator.


Also note that unlike on a Qjet, the hot idle compensator on a 2GC mounts inside the air horn area, where it is inside the air cleaner. There is no need for a cover.

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