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1916 Model T


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Plans are out there.

Model T specialized forums are best for this inquirey.


I have old plans for the late '23-'25 runabout known as the "Miller" plans. 

But that won't help you unless you aready have some knowledge of early T Ford wood body contruction and can transpose the info to a 1916.


The best plans out there are decent but by no means 100 accurate or complete in every detail but you have the basics..

Do not expect something offered with full size patters for all peices.


The plans are generally vauge about all the little metal bracing and brackety for joining various things.


Often details  like these metal wood joining parts are left out also the alternate variations used in contruction of some bodies are not included.


Try searching with wording including "Miller" plans...Most popular.


Good luck.



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There were multiple manufacturers of T touring bodies in this era.........similar but certainly not identical. The T club will be your best bet. They have a very active forum. 

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