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Early Dodge front gearbox seal

John McEwan

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It appears the donor gearbox I have been using in my 1923 has had a late model seal in place of the original felt/cork seal. There was no washer in this setup. This leaked and I want to go back to original. 

Can anyone tell me if I have the sequence correct in the images. I think it is housing, felt seal, machined washer. This washer fits snuggly over the square drive shaft and sits against the lip where the felt seal does it’s job. It seems the washer takes up the free space where the felt seal sits in the3 bolt housing and when the housing is tightened up it makes the felt seal expand onto the shaft. Looking at the cut away image , I’m sure I can see this washer like the washer at the other end the gearbox shaft. I’ve never written washer so many times.





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I have new bearings with the outside seal in place only.

It seems this machined washer would stop the clutch from coming back too far. Previously it seemed my clutch pack used to slide backward and forward although it did work perfectly. Whoever did the modern seal thing did not utilise the washer. Maybe I’m wrong. Hope someone has a workshop manual and can look up if I’m wrong or right.

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