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Roof irons and bows

David Marshall

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Good afternoon everyone.  Firstly I’d like to thank the people on this forum. You have provided me with many bits of information ( and some parts ) that has helped me immensely.  

todays query, is anyone able to send me a photo of the part that attaches the roof irons to the car body.  There is a threaded part that is protruding from the body but I don’t think the irons bolt directly on to it. 

I’d also like to wish everyone a safe and festive holiday over Christmas 🎄 and hope you all get the buick parts we need !!  (Hint - Santa )

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15 minutes ago, David Marshall said:

Oh gosh !!!  Yes it’s a 1922-4-35 sorry!!  Too busy worrying about my spelling 

David, my best guess is that the lower end of the iron bow slides directly onto the threaded rod, and a threaded knob screws onto the shaft to retain the bow. At least that is how it was on my 1914 B-37. This allows the bow to swivel to raised or lowered position.

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I know that many of these had a 7/16"x 14 tpi stud as on Hugh's and my 1925 Buicks.


Mine originally had just a nut on the end.

I had to add a bushing on mine since a previous owner, when doing the top had long lift the dot pins installed instead of snaps. When the top was folded the irons would hit the pins.


Temporary pivot nut and bushing I made.

 The correct style 7/16" thread pivot cap nuts are available thru Model T/A parts suppliers.  I think I bought mine thru Snyder's.


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Thanks guys I really appreciate your help. I think the hood iron on mine are not the correct ones and will some modifications. 

would anyone mind measuring the length of each hood iron perhaps from the pivot to the wooden bow. 

if I set mine up the rear is not vertical and the front doesn’t quite reach the windscreen so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to find the correct ones in New Zealand so I’ll have to modify the ones I have. 

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 It would probably be more helpful if you were to set up your top sockets as best as you can. Take some photos, post them and we could come to some agreement as to what needs to be done.

The set on my 1925 Standard was a cut down and re-welded set from a larger car. They worked but not very nice, folded or not.


 I had a set made using the cast formed components from a 1924-35 set. The 1924-35 may be similar enough to the 1922-35 set.

DSCF6124.thumb.JPG.6347e4d3a273e0a4e3cb2ef06b4da351.JPG  DSCF6128.thumb.JPG.bc9b4392ec6ff18ff652ade3b98ca8e8.JPG

This is what a 1924-35 set looks like. Photo taken at the Brookfield BCA meet 2017.

The old set I recieved were very rough, rusted sockets so these were good only for parts. I did make some sketches of the individual pieces before I pulled them apart for future reference. 


The gentleman who made them for me also worked up the wood bows.


 I had inquired at a place in NZ or Aus. about making the sockets. They were well over $2,300 AU. Then I would have had to have them shipped to Pennsylvania. Then top bows made. Then a top covering made. All told I would have over $15,000 in this one project for a car worth less than that.

 All totaled I was in for less than $600 for the bows and sockets. Which I will have to fit myself. this was including a days drive to Ohio for delivery and pick up. 

 He quoted me slightly over $850 if he was to fit the bows to the sockets.

Guess what my winter project is?

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   Attached is my photo of the top sockets and dimensions for a 1925 model 25.  There is a body style change in 1924 from your car.   Perhaps someone can provide replacement dimensions for what is shown on this photo from their 1922 or 1923 model 35.   I also have individual drawings of all the top parts if that would help somone to just replace the dimensions on the drawings.  An example of the last socket is shown.  


The last top socket is not straight up, but leans to the back.  You should post some pictures of what you have.  I also wonder if you have the correct parts for the front wood bow and the metal "visor" as it is called that fits above the front windshield.   The 2 period photos say "1922 Buick , but there one has a plug in the apron, and the other does not.  Note the top details are the same.     Hugh  



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