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Help needed to identify this fitting

Alan M

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The pictured fittings are from the vacuum line to windshield wipers on a 1930 Cadillac.  It appears to be an early type of compression fitting without a separate ferrule.  It looks like the male fitting is compressed onto the tubing as it is tightened and in addition to making a seal, the tube can then not be pulled out.

Does anyone know the correct name for these fittings, what type of threads they are, and if they are available today?  The tube is 3/16". 

I need two of the male parts, new or used, and would appreciate any leads on a source.

Thank you.1901919224_2020-12-21007.thumb.JPG.c3f631317f3c84dc0eb136124121d617.JPG2135301739_2020-12-21001.thumb.JPG.15b9c7ef0d7e793c4594919ea5d41abc.JPG

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