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1925 Buick Engine Rebuilding Notes


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When I rebuilt my 1925 Buick 6 cylinder engine, I was surprised to find so many items that required special attention. 

Doing the assembly myself, I used no fewer than 5 different machine shops due to the required special machining equipment needed of the various parts.  Another sign of the times is that 2 of these 5 machine shops were closing their doors shortly after finishing my engine.  One shop had been in business over 50 years.  As of this writing 2 years later, 2 additional machine shops have closed.  Egge is the last one open that I used.  3 of the closed shops were local (within 60 miles) which saved a lot on shipping.  Many of the notes and tips in this article are from the guidance of the members on this forum.  Most drop the engine off at a specialist shop but I only dropped off components and did the rebuild myself.  Special thanks to those that provided guidance and patience- Larry DiBarry, Kevin Roner, Terry Weigand, Brad Hoskins, Kyle Sliger, Larry Schramm, Brian Heil, and countless others.  The Buick runs beautifully and I am just now realizing that I have 15 pages of notes.  I wanted to pass these notes on in gratitude to the help that I have received.    Hugh   



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Hugh comes through again. I knew there was a reason I hadn't put our engine back together yet!

DIY'ing new rollers and pins in the tappets was a nightmare. I did get that far! I'd love to know how Buick did that on the production line!


Hugh , if i can ask one more favour, can you email me the Word document ( if you have it saved as same of course! ) ?



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