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34 PE trans leak

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I think you went in too far. You are now removing the rear tranny brake support housing. You'll now need a new gasket for in there too.

To access just the rear seal, the park brake drum is removed, slid off the tranny output shaft.  It can be a stubborn bugger. A puller may be needed. Then you can see the rear seal that is pressed into the brake support housing.


To fix up what you've done, you will need to remove the park brake linkage and drum. Remove speedometer drive gear. Then hopefully remove the brake housing.  Sliding it toward the rear. I can't recall 100%,  but the main shaft of the tranny and main rear bearing may be pressed into the brake support housing. I hope not. If so, the the entire main shaft of the tranny comes out with the rear brake support housing. Then the gasket can be accessed.


When it was out on the floor I removed the rear seal and install a new one. Acquire a new paper gasket to re-seal the brake housing to the rear of the tranny. Hopefully this all can be

done with the tranny still in the car. I am doubtful. If the entire main shaft has to come out......


I have only done this work with the tranny out on the floor.  See my pic here. This was my '38 tranny. You can see the entire main shaft of the tranny is still pressed into the brake housing. 





Shown here, I am installing a new rear tranny seal. Hammering it in place with a tube.





One more for reference. Again, these are all pics of my 38 tranny. Yours may be slightly different.



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2 hours ago, rageracing said:

Picked up the timken seal that ply33 lists on his website, slightly too small of outter diameter to work.  Gonna try another one 

If/when you find one that works could you post the information so I can update my database? Thanks!

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