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For Sale - Quadrajet Carburetor for 425 Nailhead??

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I bought a bunch of Nailhead stuff recently and this Rochester Quadrajet carburetor was in the lot.  I think it is for the '66 Riviera, but I am not sure of that.  This is a core and would need to be rebuilt.  I have a guy locally who rebuilds these and tests them on an engine. I think he charges $150.  I am selling this for $25 plus shipping.  If you want it rebuilt, I'll take it to him to rebuild and only add on the amount he charges for the rebuild.


Ted Becker

Winfield, Missouri





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I found an article with Quadrajet identification codes.  https://www.chevyhardcore.com/tech-stories/choose-your-quadrajet-number-identification-guide/


Looks like this was for a 1980 Buick with a manual transmission.  Date of build was 239th day of 1979.


Not sure what Buick in 1980 would have a manual transmission.  Not that sharp on cars beyond the Nailhead era.  



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