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surging engin??


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I just got some service done on my reatta at GM. it came back with a nasty surge to it. bad enough that it will stall at a red light. took it back and the say they didn't do it. mad.gif BULL S#!T. went for a tune up an fuel flush with it running great. (gift from my parents) now i got a car that barly runs. whats the point of that. what could it be? oh also i hade to take my bible for them to use. confused.gif makes me wonder who thay realy have working in there? if any one has an idea of what it is or what i can try your opinion will be greatly apreciated. thanx in advance.

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If I may, might I suggest ... Go to This page

Click on the button I am a current owner and have a question, concern or comment.

Add your personal information to the following letter, and when you press the submit key cut and paste the following in the comments box:

This address is close enough that some one in a responsible position will forward it. I feel that it is better to come down from the top rather than continually escalate. If you don't get it fixed at their expense you have to follow through with your actions/ Good luck and keep us posted, Robert

Dec 30,2002

Dear Mr. Jack Smith,

Chief Executive Officer,

GM Canada

Congratulations on your announced retirement. Please accept this as a serious complaint against ______ Buick.

I am the proud owner of an 1988 Buick Reatta. You will recall that this was the rare, hand-built, sporty, flagship vehicle from your Buick Division.

I am in the long slow process of restoring and maintaining this outstanding vehicle to its former glory. One recent small step along the way was to have some preventative maintenance serviced done at ________ Buick in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their telephone number is ###-###-####. This step has unfortunately turned into a huge step backwards and the dealership has caused me additional frustrations!

Let me get directly to the point: I thought and their Service Advisor/Greeter agreed that a tune-up and fuel system flush would be good preventative maintenance items to perform. I authorized ______ Buick to perform the work.

Here is where the problems start. My Reatta was running fully satisfactorily before this preventative maintenance was performed. It was returned to me after the service in a totally unacceptable condition. To say that the car runs badly now is a compliment. It has a nasty surge and there are times that it won't even run! It stalls out completely at stop lights! Don't they test drive serviced cars? Before _______ Buick serviced the car it did not have these problems. Now after the service it does! I even supplied my own Service Manual for their benefit.

To add insult to injury, _______ Buick summarily dismisses these new problems as being mine completely and not of their doing. Excuse me but my Reatta was running perfectly fine before the preventative maintenance service and immediately after I have these huge drivability problems. As a rational human being I assume that they caused the problems. They are refusing to correct them. They won't even look at the car. Is this any way to treat the owner of your flagship Reatta? I would appreciate your intervention in returning my Reatta to at least its good running status before the service that caused these problems.

A positive resolution within 7 businesses days will be greatly appreciated and stop me from complaining directly to the BBB, CAA and taking additional actions.

I look forward to your early positive reply,

Gomer __


telephone #

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thanx for the letter. it has been mailed out in paper form to my gm dealer and i have e-mailed them as well. hope they decide to take ownership so i don't have to go any further. I would hate to have to give them a black eye but "a reatta owner has to do what a reatta owner has to do." thanx for the help and i will keep u posted.

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The patience of youth.

Thought that you had gone the "Dealer" route.

Stick to your deadlines. Often results can be directed from the CEO's office. This will likely be the next step.

Got so angry at a Ford dealer "Ottawa Ford", might as well be specific smile.gif

Sued them and won. smile.gifgrin.gifsmile.gif They refused to pay even then so I got an Order of Seizure and Sale of Assets and had the Court Sheriff go in and get my money along with all costs. grin.gifgrin.gifsmile.gifsmile.giftongue.giftongue.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif Would do it again in a heart beat if I knew I was right.

Again good luck and keep us posted, Robert

PS: I guess you checked for codes?

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Got a call today from GM. grin.gif they are sending a tow truck for my car and are going to resolve my problem at no charge. Well that is what they say on the phone anyway. i guess when i go to pick my car up i will have to take my dad (400+ pounds of angry meat) so they don't try and jerk me around. Hope they resolve the problem and it doesn't cost them or me 2 much. i will keep u posted on the results. thanx for the letter! it worked.

ps: to resolve the time thing i have been fighting with them 4 a week now. way before i told all of u. they would't evan listen to me before but now i think i got their attention. thanx again to everyone. hope this never happens to any of you.

happy new year [color:\\"red\\"]

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