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1922back seat

Mark Kikta

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Just for fun I started the process to see if I can rejuvenate this original back seat in my 22.  I will likely have to re-upholster both seats but thought I would try this to see what I can do.


First I needed to clean the leather and then I started rubbing the Lexol leather conditioner.  I’ll probably do this for a month or two and see where it gets me.




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Its very hard now and brittle but after three days of rubbing leather conditioner on it, It's already beginning to get more flexible.  It's really soaking the conditioner up each day.


Also when I opened up the lid on the under seat storage, I found this pair of "like New" hood sills.  I looked for a while to find a pair of door sills I bought that were not in this good of shape.  Big surprise!


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