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Replacing Timing Gear- 1934 Buick Series 50


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I have a 1934 Buick Series 50 sedan that has a noise coming from the timing gear housing.  The single knocking noise is only apparent at idle (400 RPM) after warm-up at the front of the engine.  If I increase speed off idle the noise is much less.  Using my Harbor Freight stethoscope, the noise is most apparent at the timing gear case at the generator attachment bolts and the coil bolts.  At first, I thought the noise might be a rod or the torsion balancer, but I even removed the torsion balancer to eliminate the problem.  I figure the cam timing gear needs replacement since the generator and crank gears are steel.  I do hope my assumption is correct!


 I do have a correct aluminum timing gear I bought several years ago on this site.  Bob’s Automobilia also has the fiber gear for the series 50.  I also have a complete gasket set from Olson's gaskets, hopefully the correct gaskets are in the set! 


To replace the timing gear, I’ll need to remove the hood, grille, radiator, water pump, generator, oil pan, fan and crank pulley just to gain access to the front timing cover.  It looks like the front motor mount is part of the cover as well.  Sooo… I assume I will have to raise the engine slightly to remove the front motor mount.  Is this all correct?  If not, your advice and experience would be much appreciated!


After reviewing past posts on this site, the new cam gear needs to be aligned with the crank gear.  The generator gear has no alignment with the cam gear.  Once everything is assembled, ignition timing with the distributor is straight forward.


Oh, by the way, I do have the 1934 Buick shop manual for series 50-60-90 cars, but it says very little about timing gears, only the width of the correct gear and an optional +1S oversize gear from the Parts Department.  Of course no torque specs are in the manual, any help with that would be appreciated too.


Thank you in advance for all your help, Nevadavic

aluminum gear.jpg

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