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Step on pedal - No power?


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3.8 V6 checked fuel supply, filter, pcv, choke, and carb.

Runs well at idle but as soon as I give it some gas in gear it seems to bog down. Stock engine.

Any thoughts?

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86 Regal 231 V6 Dualjet 2M series Carb.

Starts and runs for 15-20 sec. then stalls. Restarts with one pump of the pedal and runs 15-20 sec. then stalls. Can keep running if I lightly tap the pedal.

Cleaned and rebuilt the carb. set to specs. still does same thing.

Checked EGR, PCV, Fuel pump, Fuel filter - all OK.

Checked vacuum hoses - OK.

What next? confused.gif

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try these ideas. disconnect the battery over night, just for shits and giggles. this should clear and set to default the ecm. install a clear inline fuel filter [if you haven't already done so] to see if you are getting a STEADY, CONTINUOUS flow of fuel. check the connections to your O2 sensor, carb control, throttle positioning sensor, and any other wireing on the engine. do you have the stock air cleaner in place with all hoses and bells and whistles? sounds like you have been through everythng a shade tree mechanic can do. time to get a hand-on opinion from somebody with more experience with this. it is tough to try to diagnose from 1000 miles away.

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[color:"blue"] So it sounds like you have spark, but no gasoline getting past your primary jets. Your car runs after getting gasoline by pumping the fuel pump, but will not maintain an idle.

Have you tried unplugging the computer control to the primary jets. This should open them wide open. It sounds like your car does not run long enough to set a lean code.

If you do not have any simple tools like a timing light to check the spark to the plugs, or a dwell meter to check the pulses to the primary jet solenoid of the electric carburator, you might want to follow earlier advise and get the car serviced. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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I almost forgot to let you know what the problem turned out to be.

After rechecking all the obvious possabilities a second and third time.

(EGR, manifold leak, finally changed ALL vacuum lines, electrical connections and wiring, entire ignition system, fuel pump, gas filter, gas line, gas cap)

Rebuilt carb twice in case I forgot something the first time. Nothing was solving the problem.

My dad finally stopped by to take a look.(He's a car guy as long as I remember)

I start the car, it runs for about 1 minute and stalls. He looks over the hood, says I need a MC solenoid - costs about $70. Just Like That!

Picked one up the next morning, changed it that evening. Everything is running fine.

Now! I checked both the MCS and the TPS twice with the multitester and dwellmeter and they both checked out OK.

When I called him that night, I asked how he knew.

He told me that when the engine stalled he didn't hear the MCS clicking, then it started clicking, then it stopped. That's how he knew.

I Hate When He Does That!! But I'm glad he does.

And I want to thank everyone who tried to help.

You were right there Loyd. Thanks.

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