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For Sale- 1967 Chevy Caprice, Impala, etc. Front Fender Support #3892116, NOS!

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For Sale- 1967 Chevy Caprice, Impala, Bel Air, Biscayne, SS, SS-427, Wagon Front Fender Support #3892116.  Piece is officially called "Bar Assembly, Front Fender Tie."  Piece is NOS, but is a little worn due to being in rough storage for about 50 years.  Nice and straight, but would need a sanding and repaint to remove some surface corrosion.  Not in original wrapper, but still has portion or original parts number sticker on it.  Asking $120, plus shipping, OBO.  Feel free to inquire and I can get a shipping quote to your location.  PM Chris if interested.




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