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Buick 1938 Bulletin 6 D-912

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I have lost my copy of Buick Bulletin    6 D-912

dated 2-28-38      esp  pp 6,7, and 8


This bulletin contains info on the 1937 Buick Centerline radio    and this is my prime interest

in this bulletin.   PP   6, 7 and 8 show

                  .....component layout, top and bottom views


              .    ... component listing with brief specs


I have the Buick manual for this radio ( I bought a copy from the BCA )

but the manual does not include this info the bulletin has


Can anyone help ?



Jack Worstell     jlwmaster@aol.com

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 The 1937 Buick Centerline Instructions for Operating Installation and Servicing booklet I have seems to have all the .....component layout, top and bottom views


                      ... component listing with brief specs.

 I can scan and send what you need.

 If you PM me with your email I can send more info if you need it. Sorry about the staining on images. img20201219_12523054.thumb.jpg.5e5d8d1681f91e6938f1c26fdeccf6c9.jpg








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