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1967 - 1978 Olds Toronado owners.... Rejoice !!!!


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I just bought out the contents of a front end / alignment shop....

And in their remaining inventory... was a

1967 - 1978 Olds Toronado McQuay Norris ++ U.S.A. made ++

Idler Arm & a

1967 - 1978 Olds Toronado +++ MOOG ++ U.S.A. made ++

PITMAN Arm !!!!


Don't settle for the Chineseum reproductions... This beast is too big for those toys...


Only one (1) lucky winner, of course.... Always best to simply call me.

Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935 --- New York...

Extra discount for calendar year 2020 purchase....

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