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1961 - 1969 LINCOLN ++ TRW ++ Lower Ball Joints for sale!!!!


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Hey Men,

   Just bought out a front end / alignment shop that went out of business and have two (2) beautiful in the blue boxes ++ N.O.S. ++

T R W -- 10145 TRW (K901 Moog) Lower Ball Joints....for the 1961 - 1969 LINCOLN'S...

   This massive car NEEDS these, and NOT Chineseum garbage....


    One lucky winner only, of course.... Always best to simply call me 

Craig 516 - 485 - 1935.....

    Don't need the full retail price for purchase in the calendar year 2020 !!!! Call now !!!!

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76 people have now viewed.... NOT one call.....


The world has exactly one pair of N.O.S. U.S.A. made -- these are it, period.... They haven't existed for over 20 years.....


Do you seriously want to put Chineseum on a LINCOLN ?????


One lucky winner..... Who is the MAN ??!!!

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