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Can't tell "quoted" text from new post comments.

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  • TexasJohn55 changed the title to Can't tell "quoted" text from new post comments.

Perhaps there is a problem with your device's color settings. The quoted text is clearly distinguished by the blue background when I look at it.


One thing that I have occasionally noticed is some people make the mistake of clicking in the quoted text and typing their response within the quote. When that happens it is difficult to distinguish between the quote and the response as it all has the blue background.   

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1 minute ago, TexasJohn55 said:

      I may start using bold to delineate between the two.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Or maybe I could use a line like this to delineate.

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10 minutes ago, TexasJohn55 said:

On my screen the blue is paler than pastel. I just now noticed that there is also a blue border on either side of the screen and between each post. The only thing blue that stands out is the + and submit reply.

On your screen do you see the "+" sign alone, or do you see the small blue background that surrounds the "+" sign? The quoted text is surrounded by the same blue background as the "+" sign. If you don't see a blue background there, I would tend to think that there is something wrong with your video color settings.  

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UPDATE: I have 2 browsers, 1 is older version of IE 11 running on Windows 8.1, the other is Firefox and current.  When I use IE 11, the pale blue background is absent altogether from the page, that makes it impossible to distinguish quote from reply, that was my problem.  When using Firefox, I can see the blue background although it is pale.      Thanks

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