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When motoring was a challenge

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Mary thought that this story might be of interest. It was prompted be a contemporary photo that a friend sent to me.


I love the picture! It reminds me of a story, but what doesn't?
In 1917 or 1918 my grandfather, a farmer in Eastern Washington (Davenport) got the idea that he could make some extra money by buying a couple of car in Spokane, transport them to Seattle, to sell a profit. To preface this story, Grandpa was never considered a very good businessman. My Dad who was seventeen at the time, was to help drive one of the cars over Snoqualmie. It would have been late fall. There had been a big storm blow through the pass, but there was never any mention of snow. Because of downed trees the trip took better part of three days. Upon arrival Grandpa almost immediately, burned out on the project, became homesick, so he left the cars with Dad to sell, while he took the train back home. It was Dad's first experience in a city the size of Seattle, so I can only imagine what the experience would have been like. Dad hated farming and loved city, life so I'm sure it was a big adventure. From that point on the story became a bit cloudy but the cars were sold-profit, who knows, but I doubt it. 
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