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Hello All - 1954 Lucite Hood Ornament Question - Casting Seam?


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Hello All,



Newbie here.


Thank You for the possibility of this forum.



My question seems simple - Is there a slightly visible casting seam in original lucite indian heads on a left-to-right face bias?


The seam I have seen becomes visible at the right viewing angle.  To my reference it is faint and at about a 10% visibility.  ...if you say the originals were definitely cast without a seam then I know my answer.


I also know the reproduction heads *used* to be of a deeper orange hue than the originals but I am not certain making a judgement by color alone.


I still am astonished by the fact some originals have cracked and webbed while others on very pitted chrome bases have little or sometimes no cracks.



Thank You In Advance,



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the mold from which the heads are made, have to be in two halves, so naturally you are going to see a seam where the two halves joined. the weather and tempature condition over decades will determine how well or how poor the lucite plastic head survives to today. moisture in the air or the lack thereof will determine if the pot metal chrome plated body of the hood ornament will develop pits over time. my NOS 1953 Pontiac lighted hood ornament is still in the box that i received it in, back in 1977, having been subjected to very very little sunlight or moisture in the air, it is still in perfect like new condition. 


Charles L. Coker

1953 & 1954 Pontiac

Technical Advisor

Pontiac Oakland Club International

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