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Another Vacuum Pump Issue


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Hello, in working on the Stewart tank on my 29 Dodge, I managed to dislodge the small orifice at the bottom of the inner tank that the needle slides through. It appears too have a sealing washer that provides the fit around the needle. I think the little tabs lock it to the webs at the bottom of the tank. Can anyone confirm? Also, should the needle be a relatively close fit in the washer? This one is sloppy. Thanks!



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17 hours ago, Poppy510 said:

So I am thinking that this is just a guide for the float pin...not an orifice. So my only question remaining is how to attach it to the bottom of the can...one of the tabs is gone. Ideas?

I’m pretty sure they are just a guide to reduce friction and wear.   From memory they are soldered in place but you may be able to glue it with some fuel resistant epoxy.

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