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41 Buick needs new front motor mounts

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41 Buick

Special, model 47


What is the best procedure for installing new motor mounts on the front of inline 8,  mounts come off the timing cover.   Is there enough room to unbolt front mounts, bell housing mount, and trans mount, lift motor, to sneak the new ones in?  Doesn't look like much room between motor/trans and firewall.


What have folks done.




TN 41 Buick

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If you are just replacing the front motor mounts, remove the fasteners, place a wide board, IE 2x4, etc. under the oil pan and gently lift the motor enough to remove the mounts. If you are having them rebuilt, place a small block of wood in the space where the mount was & lower the lifting jack so the engine rests on the wood blocks. I recommend Steele Rubber in NC to rebuild the mounts. Turnaround is approx. 3-4 weeks.


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 Since mine is a 263 straight eight in a 37 40 series originality had already left the building so I did a very simple modification to use Ford flathead motor mount cushions which can be found anywhere and are cheap. A 2.5" square of 1/4 plate steel was welded to the timing cover plate and a 5/8" hole drilled in the top frame flange. Been in service about 40 years and still in prime shape. Can be seen directly under alternator.



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Installing new motor mounts made a big difference on my 41 Century. I had a vibration between 40 and 50 that drove me nuts trying to diagnose. The shop manual did attribute motor mounts to vibration problems among other issues and changing them made a huge difference in drivetrain smoothness. I am guessing the majority of vintage Buicks need them replaced. Correct rubber shim is very hard as the 320 and 248 are very heavy motors. Too soft a rubber meant for a lighter V8 for instance will not do the job so getting the correct ones is important. Replacing the rubber yourself is possible but not any rubber will do. 

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