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I'd like to replace my front rubber (vinyl) floor mat with a factory correct style, with the section of carpet on each side where your feet rest but no luck finding a vendor. Trying to get a pre trimmed one so I can just replace it without having to cut to fit but would settle for that if I could find the correct style in brown.

Anyone know of a vendor for my 41/46S ? Also, sorry for the back to back posts but since I still have to use my lap top to post I do them all at one time. Read with the I pad post with lap top. That's right, I'm a computer idiot!

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Hi Eddie!

Since LeBaron went out of business, I have been looking to make custom carpeted floor mats  to go over and protect my interior carpet from dirty shoes, heels....  


I requested a sample board from SMS Auto Fabrics in Canby, OR.  My samples were just delivered today.  (took about 3 weeks to arrive). But their samples will easily match the color scheme of my car.  I'm thinking I'll make a template, order enough carpet, cut the floor mats and have them bound locally in a brown leather binding.





They also list "pre-made carpet set" so maybe they can help you out.





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