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I would post a few photos.  Lots of C1 Vettes for sale.  Best way to get attention is with a photo.  I know when I was looking for the C1 I bought, I would pass over most ads with no pictures unless they sounded phenominal and seemed almost all of those had photos. Bought a beautiful numbers matching 60 Fuelie 4 speed car, about 8 years ago but sold it after an electrical fire and needing to buy a bigger house,  Wouldn't mind another C1 some day. 

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I fully understand-- have craigslist and others with pics-- other ads if they want pics can ask--i'm 76--had car 40yrs and have some health concerns so it sells or it doesnt- it actually only needs rubber rear hoses and just not lnterested in doing more or getiing it done just to around block again--its a good car and apppreciate advice but thats the way it is-- thanks

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