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My 23 Buick Model 50


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Mike I haven't had it out in a while and just did a $850.00 tune up on it and it now starts and runs perfectly and does not flood or smoke anymore like it used to cold.I had the 25 Touring in there last year and decided to try this one this year and it really delighted the crowd.Next year it will be my 29 Hudson Super Six Coupe with Santa riding in the Rumble Seat.

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16 hours ago, Old buicks 2 said:

Carmover,   glad those tune up parts worked for you.   Car looks GREAT,  wish we had warmer weather up here in Nebraska.  8 degrees this morning and high of 31 today.



Tom the parts worked great.Thank you for having every thing I needed and for the fast shipping it was a real pleasure doing business with you.As for 8 degrees I don't think I could stand it.It was 22 the other night and if it wasn't for a raging fire in the fireplace I would have probably froze to death lol.

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