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Distributer Woes


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Hi guys.  I finally got my 1929G Graham Paige model 612 running thanks to a carb rebuild.  But now I'm having some other issues with what I can only assume is the timing.  I bought a timing light and hooked the inductor to number 1 spark plug.  When the car was idling away, the timing spot on my flywheel marked "SP FA" which I assume is "spark, full advance" was lit up by multiple flashes from the timing gun.  I made a video that shows the car idling and a close up of the timing mark lit up on the flywheel.  If you look near the end of the video, the mark (highlighted by a piece of green masking tape) is wandering all over the place.  I don't get it.  Is my timing gun flashing multiple times and at the wrong moments or is the timing actually "off".  I assume the timing is off because I'm getting a lot of shaking of the car and funny burping/almost backfiring noises.  


Here's a link to the video that shows the issue...




I'm wondering if it's an issue with the centrifugal advance on the distributer going wrong.  I can't figure out what else it could be.  No matter how carefully I adjust the distributer head back and forth, the light continues to dance around the mark flashing multiple times.


You guys ever experienced this?  Should I pull the distributor and try to rebuild it again or is that not the issue?  


Thanks for you help and remember, I'm a newbie!  



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