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Spohn Karosserie (Ravensburg)

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Interested in any information relative to individual builds done POSTWAR by the Spohn Karosserie (Carosserie) in Ravensburg, Germany.   Prior to WWII Spohn had been the primary builder of most Maybach automobiles.


Spohn built on numerous chassis.   Veritas BMWs have a great deal of support elsewhere. 


My primary interest is the approximately two dozen "Spohn Custom" cars created on customer chassis primarily for US service men while they were stationed in Germany.  Josef Eiwanger, Jr., manager of Spohn postwar, felt that American-styled custom cars could be a profitable market niche to keep the company alive.  Spohn closed mid 1957.


I own one of the Spohn Customs and it is in concours restoration.  It is 1952 titled and based on a 1940 Ford chassis.   The Spohn Palos was displayed in unrestored condition at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles a few years ago. 


All brands, comments, questions are welcome regarding the postwar Spohn Karosserie.   Thank you for your interest.




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