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Buick straight eight thermostat temperature range

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Warmer is better for fuel-efficiency, not that a straight-8 Buick could remotely be considered fuel-efficient.

I use a 160 degree thermostat, believing the a cooler running engine, especially in an older unrestored car will likely last longer.


While i surely defer to my friend Ben's expertise in many matters, I'll stand by my thoughts on this idea, at least for my own old cars.

I might go the other way on a freshly restored version.

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I would agree with Ben 180 is fine.  IMHO 160's don't get the engine hot enough in cool climates to dispel all the condensation. In hot climates they are going to run hotter than 160 anyway.

I'm in cold country so lots of 195 degree thermostats use up here.  Makes the heater work better and hurts nothing on the engine. 

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One thing to keep in mind with thermostats.  A 160 thermostat will only limit the engine coolant temperature at 160 if the radiator has enough capacity to keep the coolant temperature from rising above 160.  On a 90 degree day it is very likely the coolant temperature will rise above 160.  In a non pressurized cooling system the higher temperature only becomes a problem if the coolant temp rises above 212 at which point the coolant will boil.  If it is a zero degree day the 160 thermostat will likely be in control and the coolant temperature will rise to 160 and stay there if there is enough heat generated by the engine to get there.  

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