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What happened to our "Location" information?

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Whatever happened to the "location" or place of residence information that used to accompany one's post information?  I always enjoyed seeing where our members resided, since it gave me a feel for the regional or national diversity of our members.  If one is concerned about cyber security, one need not enter specific location information; however,  just information on a country, region or state would be of interest.


I looked up my forum profile and found that my location information had also been scrubbed from that.


I, for one, would like to see some information on members' locations included with our posts.




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 I noticed the locations were missing at the same

time as the counting of "likes" disappeared.

I let administrator Peter know of the glitch, and

he said he is working on it.


You're right, Grog:  Locations are very useful.

When a seller posts his car for sale, location is vital;

and when someone discusses things relevant to 

his part of the world or part of the country, knowing

the location helps us understand better.

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Agreed, I'm as nosy as the next guy and I like to know where some of my on-line brothers are as well.

Same with all you guys who cover up your license plates when you post "For Sale" ads here.  Please stop doing that.

Stalker Lives Matter too y'know.


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Location is EXTREMELY important in answering technical questions. 


"When it is cold outside, my car does...." has entirely different meanings from a person in Southern California to a person in Alberta!




"May car is rusty what should I do?" Again, way different answers if the person is in Arizona or upstate New York. One should sand and paint, the other should learn to weld. 


Location, post numbers (also VERY HELPFUL when replying), RIP. But we still have the mystery number under the avatar? Way less useful.

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5 minutes ago, wayne sheldon said:

Didn't we go through this about a week or so ago? Or am I going crazy? (Those two things are not mutually exclusive by the way?) 

It seems to be a common issue on websites these days. At this point, I think I shall leave it at that.

A week or so ago it was the member ranking numbers under your avatar, which has been returned. So far, the location has not come back. 

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