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1950 MUNTZ JET, ONE OF 29 ALUMINUM CARS MADE - $35,000 (Phoenix)


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Only 29 aluminum bodied Muntz Jets were built and this is number 27 (VIN: 127 since they started on number 100).
After the first 29 cars were built production moved from Southern California to Illinois and the following 200-250 cars were steeled bodied cars, taller and longer than the first cars.

This Muntz has been sitting for the last 20-30 years waiting to be restored and 90% of the body work is done. The body was always good and did not need much work except they were all handmade cars and not put together all that well.

The Cadillac 331 engine is rebuilt, the interior was redone in white leather and the front bumper was rechromed decades ago. We had a new steering wheel recast for the Muntz.

It is a very rare car with so few produced, that was 70 years ago and they are climbing in value rapidly.
The car belongs in a museum or in a high quality collection but our price is so low that almost any collector can buy this rare car!!!

Since the Muntz utilize almost only Ford mechanical parts and most can be bought new even it is an easy car to restore and not expensive to finish. And the value of a restored first production Muntz, the few that exist is high and getting higher!

We just never seem to have time to finish the car so we are offering it at a really fair price.

PRICE: $35.000 as is.

If we finish the car it will be around $100.000 done.

We do sell all over the world and export is never a problem.

Copperstate Classic Cars

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Aluminum is probably not a bad idea. There was so much lead in these that they were EXTREMELY heavy. I bet the one we had a few months ago had 200 pounds of lead in it. They were pretty much hand-built by George Barris' guys moonlighting at night and on weekends using all the custom tricks. A fender or door from one Muntz probably won't fit a different car. Totally hand-built. 


And while these cars had their moment, I think it's come and gone. Like a lot of obscure cars that seemingly quadruple in value overnight, it's usually the product of a handful of well-heeled collectors fighting over a very finite number of cars. Once they've got their cars, that's it for the market. Meanwhile a bunch of other cars are being restored and rushed to market to take advantage of something that isn't there anymore. The Jet was surely the victim of that phenomenon. The one we had was one of the better ones known to exist and it sold for quite a bit less than they're suggesting this one is worth, aluminum or no aluminum. The Muntz moment is probably over and they're drifting back to earth. I think nice ones are probably $70,000 cars right now.

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In the mid 90s I was visiting a friend in Colorado who had three Muntz vehicles stored in an airplane hanger, along with about a dozen other collector cars. We toured the building and he offhandedly mentioned that I could take my pick of any one of the Muntz cars for $5000. I remember him telling me that one was used in a Bonneville salt flat speed record attempt. All needed help but I do recall one being in better shape than this car. Unfortunately, I didn't have five grand to spend on a big project so I had to pass. 

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