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Seeking Jewett Owners

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There exists a Jewett web site at <http://www.jewettsix.org>. Many of its links no longer work, and it has not been maintained since its owner died. If any Jewett owner wants to take it over, I will be happy to work with him. I myself am a Paige enthusiast. While the same company, Paige-Detroit, built both cars, I feel a Jewett owner is better able to do this. One day the Jewett site will disappear, which I would hate to see.



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I know the previous Jewett webmaster died several years ago. Someone took it over, and began revamping that about five or six years ago, but didn't get very far. Did that webmaster also leave us?

I have a 1927 Paige 6-45, which was supposed to be the Jewett for 1927, before Harry Jewett decided to sell out (he was well into retirement age), and rebadged the 6-45s as a smaller Paige.

I have always hoped for a good Paige/Jewett website. The marque deserves to be appreciated. However at this stage, I cannot be the one to run it.

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The original Jewett webmaster, Doug Thaemert, who died in 2012, was an enthusiastic Jewett owner. He assembled an amazing amount of information in a short time, which then came to an abrupt stop with his death. What is needed is another enthusiastic Jewett owner to restart the site.


For Paige-Detroit data check my home page: <https://www.wcroberts.org>

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