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Technical Input Please?


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On 12/12/2020 at 3:37 PM, Ben P. said:

Well, you’re right, I specifically said *I’ve* only ever seen that on Fords. Perhaps that has happened on other makes, when I ran a wrecker when I was in school and a little after I saw that about 40 times. Perhaps more, memory is a bit dusty.

Always on a Ford — F150 to be exact — never once anything else.

Come to think of it they were all on the same section of highway too. A lot of them had been pulling something, maybe most if they had someone retrieve the travel trailer before I got there. I suspect they were all driving significantly above the speed limit - the owners were always attitudinal jerks.

That was a while ago though. The trucks ranged from the 1970’s to early 1990’s. A couple of them were brand new.

Early on I had a string of them and mentioned that to a friend. He said he had a driveshaft fall off when he was driving once. I asked if it was a Ford. He said, “Yup.” He didn’t seem surprised I asked.

I’ll still remember that even if I get Alzheimer’s.


Before I had the front and rear axles rebuilt in my 1990 F-250, the rear pinion nut was backing out and making the rear growl.  I tightened it back up and drove it for another 12 months before I took it in.  Apparently the 10.25 Sterlings had that problem a lot.  

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