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Wagner Master cylinder ID FE 18120 ?

Dan Marx

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I will stick my neck out, make a wild (more than a) guess, and hopefully get some discussion started.

Going way back, 49 years almost exactly now, I was crawling under a beat up old car we were fixing up to use for a few years, changing the master cylinder. And it looked almost (maybe?) exactly like that! (I remember it well)

The car was a 1952 Chevrolet.

Don't know if that will help or not?

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My 1962 EIS catalog calls it a 507 style master cylinder.  Their listing for vehicles using type 507 shows

Packard 1935-50

Cadillac 1939, Olds 1936-56, Pontiac 1937-54

Buick 1939-49

Cadillac 1940-51

Buick 1953

Cadillac 1954-55

Pontiac 1955-57, Olds 1957-58

Cad 1955 w/pwr brakes


So maybe this helps?  Don’t know but hopefully something makes sense!


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